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Top 10 CD/DVD Selling Companies in the US

CDs and DVDs have become an essential part of our lives. They are becoming more and more advanced these days. In the earlier times, the manufactured CD/DVDs had a very small storage limit. But with the advancement of the technology the maximum storage of the CDs have grown up to one gigabyte and of the DVD has gone up to about 10 GigaByte. Some of the best CD/DVD selling companies are:


“The quality and efficiency of these storage devices are incomparable.”

Verbatim is basically a subsidiary of a Japanese company that makes storage medias products known as Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. They produce various CDs and DVD drives and are one of the best sellers in the American market. You can find these CDs and DVDs at any media shop near you. The quality and efficiency of these storage devices are incomparable. Verbatim is originally an American company.


Sony has been one of the most famous manufacturers of electronic goods and equipment for years. Its roots are in Japan but its branches spread all over the world. There is no doubt that their storage devices would be as awesome as their other products are. They manufacture CDs and DVDs and are widely sold in the American market.


Yet another Japanese brand that manufactures electronics and electronic products. Their basic business is manufacturing storage media. Their CD/DVDs are available easily at all the electronic and tech shops in the US. These are high in quality and very reliable. They have been the favorite brand of many Americans for years.

Taiyo Yuden

This is another one from Japan, Taiyo Yuden. They are one of the pioneers in the CD technology and stands shoulder to shoulder with the big companies like Sony and Philips. In addition to being one of the oldest company in the business they are also one of the best. They have made their name by delivering a quality product at a reasonable price all over the world.


Philips is a Dutch company that manufactures technological instruments basically focused on electronics. . The discs that this company manufactures is heavy duty and  supports any type of burning. They are long lasting and can be used for an extended period of time. Philips is a very is one of the pioneers of CD/DVD manufacturing.


“Fujifilm is yet another Japanese company that makes CDs and DVDs.”

Panasonic is a very famous Japanese electronic manufacturing company. The CDs and DVDs they manufacture are available in a plethora of storage capacities and are easily available anywhere in the US. The qualities of these CD/DVDs is very good. They can be easily burned and be used for a long time. They are durable and the DVDs are even rewritable.


Found in 1961 this company has been specializing in making compact discs and DVDs. This is enough to understand how good the quality of their product is. They are a famous storage brands in the US and are easily available at any store. The discs are available even on the online shopping sites where you can get even better deals.

Hitachi Maxell

Hitachi Maxell commonly known as Maxell is a Japanese electronics producing company. They have been producing external storage devices like CD-ROM and DVDs from a long time. Their CD/DVD are very reliable and durable. The disks are considered to be one of the best blank discs in the world.


Fujifilm is yet another Japanese company that makes CDs and DVDs. Their products are very reasonably priced and you will get great deals easily on online shopping sites. The CD/DVD are very reliable and can be used for any sort or burning. Moreover, the designs of their discs are very quirky with the use of beautiful colors.


Hewlett-Packard also was known as HP is another famous name in the electronic manufacturing business. HP is known widely for its computer and computer accessories. This is the most reliable brand when it comes to external storage and not just in America but all over the world. They Manufacture CD/DVDs in various sizes and storage capacities so you will easily find all things you need in their stores.

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