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Pen Drive Engulfing the Market of CDs and DVDs

Pen Drive Engulfing the Market of CDs and DVDs

A pen drive which is also known as a USB drive, jump drive, flash drive and thumb drive is a data storage device with a flash memory. It gets connected to the computer through a USB port and is easily rewritable. The USB drives have the storage capacity anywhere around 2GB to 2TB. Launched in the year 2000 these have grown enormously and are now a must have for everyone. The sizes are very small and most of these pen drives weigh less than 30 grams. The pen drives use a USB port that is compatible with almost all the operating systems.

Before the pen drive was invented, data storage devices like floppy, CDs and DVDs were used. CDs or the compact discs are thin round discs that are used for storage of a small quantity of data and the data in it is read through a CD/DVD reader. A DVD is a round disc similar to a CD but it has much higher storage capacity.

In today’s times, DVDs are used much more in comparison to CDs because they can be rewritten and can hold more data. The most data a DVD can store is about 8.5 GB.

With the launch of the pen drives in the market people started using them more in place of CDs and DVDs. There were many advantages of using a flash drive over a DVD or CD. Some of the advantages are:


“A person would obviously prefer something with a higher storage capacity than the lower one.”

As we have already mentioned that the DVDs have the maximum storage capacity of 8.5 GB and the pen drive has the maximum capacity of about two TB. The difference between 2TN and 8.5 GB is huge. A person would obviously prefer something with a higher storage capacity than the lower one.

Easy Data Accessibility

To copy an information in a CD or a DVD you need to burn the information into them which is a very complicated process. In the case of the pen drive all you need to do is copy and paste the information from one source to another and your data gets transferred. Also, there is no need to have a special reader like the CD or DVD reader to read the information on the pen drive which saves cost of installation. You can also rewrite on the pen drives numerous times which is not possible with CD/DVD.

Easy to carry

“They can easily fit in your pocket or purse.”

The CDs and DVDs are almost 12 inches in diameter and take a lot of space. They have to be carried in a bag and if you have a large amount of data then the number of CD/DVD will also become large and heavy. On the other hand, the flash drive is small and portable. They can easily fit in your pocket or purse. You can carry a huge amount of information in them and not feel burdened at all.

Physical damage

If you have lived in the era when the CDs and DVDs were widely used, you would know the struggle to preserve them. One scratch or one drop could ruin all the information in the CD. If they accidently fell or cracked, all your information would be gone. The CD/DVD do not last long. This is not the case with pen drives. The pen drives are very durable and easy to handle.

The information is stored inside the cover in a chip.So, even if you drop it or step on it and scratch it, the drive will still work properly and for a very long time.

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