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Blank Digital Versatile Disc Supplying Companies in US

Digital Versatile Disc or a DVD is a secondary storage device that is used to store information like software, games, songs and much more. The DVD was invented by companies like Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Sony.

DVDs are similar to the CDs but have higher storage capacities. Some of them can also be rewritten and store high definition videos and audios.

They are available as single sided and double sided. The single sided ones can store data up to 4.7 Gigabyte and the double sided ones can store up to 8.5 Gigabyte of data. The normal variety of DVD is 12 cm in diameter.There is also a smaller variety which is called mini DVD and is 8 cm in diameter. The data in the DVD is read through the reflection of the laser that falls on the surface of the reader.

Please be aware that today’s content (especially video content on the Web) is much more data-hungry that it was even before. While DVD is a good solution we really recommend going the Blu-Ray route, or even better going into 100% mode of streaming. We would like to thank FamilyDicks.com website for this tip as not many people are aware of the problem.

The companies in USA that supply DVDs are:


“One of the pioneers in the DVD making industry the company is totally trustworthy.”

One of the oldest DVD supplying brand in the world, Sony never disappoints. The DVDs can be used to store audio, video and multimedia files. The quality of their DVDs is very superior and is very reliable. Their DVDs are available in the single sided and the double sided variants with 4.7 and 8.5 GB storage capacity respectively. You can buy these DVDs in a pack and get amazing deals on them. Sony has always been a consumer friendly brand and has strived to provide a quality product at a less cost. One of the pioneers in the DVD making industry the company is totally trustworthy.


AmazonBasics makes the most reliable and quality product at affordable rates. This is the reason they have been included in this list. The DVDs they produce are 4.7GB in storage capacity and can store up to two hours of high-quality video or any data. The DVDs are very stable and do accurate writing at high speed. Even though it has not been a long time ever since its launch, people are loving these DVDs. The best part is that they are available online and are free shipped to all places in US.


Memorex is yet another US favorite brand when we talk about digital goods. Memorex has such a wide range of DVD options that you will not fall short of choices. They have been providing such quality products for so many years that they have become a household name in today’s time. There are DVD +R or DVD- -R to chose from. You can also choose from the various vibrant colored discs. The storage capacities vary from DVD to DVD. They have DVDs to a maximum of 8.5 GB capacity so you can choose whichever suits you the most.


“Their DVDs are capable of storing high-quality videos and data.”

Verbatim is the number one brand for DVDs in the US. The reason we have put it on number four is because some of its DVDs have been showing problems lately. Nevertheless, this brand has been the producer of the finest quality DVDs for years. They have a number of different sizes and the storage capacities to choose from and the highest being 8.5 GB. The CDs are also available in various different packs, bundles and even as a singular disc. Their DVDs are capable of storing high-quality videos and data. They are easily writable and will last for a very long time. If you do not have a problem with a few DVDs of this brand not working, you should choose this over any other brand in the US.


HP is yet another big name in the DVD manufacturing. Though not very famous for its DVDs in the past, this company has come out to be one of the best quality DVD producers in the market. The packaging of the DVDs is very sleek and strong. The bundle is packed in a spindle case that comes with a handle which is easy to carry or store. The DVD quality is also not bad. The storage is similar to the other products in the list and can be used to record high-quality videos and multimedia files. It might seem as the DVDs are very costly because of its sleek packaging but in reality, these are very affordable and convenient for every buyer.

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