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Top 10 Best Online Deals on Blank CD/DVD Ever

CDs and DVDs are one of the age devices in today’s times.They are the best way to store small information for a long period of timmost used store. CD/DVD can be easily bought online these days at great deals. Here are the top 10 best deals of all times that you can buy CD/DVD at.

Verbatim Digital Movie DVD-R 4.7GB

“CD/DVD can be easily bought online these days at great deals.”

This DVD disc from Verbatim is a pack of 25 Discs with each disc having a capacity of 4.7 GB. The writing speed of the disc is 8. The box that comes with it a cake box and can be reused. The price of this twenty-five disc pack is $19 and can be bought on discount for $13.42. This price is very reasonable for the quality this brand gives.

Memorex DVD-R 4.7 GB

The Memorex DVD-R is a pack of 25 DVDs with each DVD having 4.7 GB storage capacity. The writing speed on these DVDs is 16X. The product is available at a very reasonable price if $16.95 and can be bought on discount for $9.49. Memorex is one of the best CD/DVD selling company and the price that is being offered for this deal is better than ever.

TDK Electronics DVD-R14RGACB20 Mini DVD-R

This Mini DVD-R from TDK is a pack of 20 DVDs with 1.4GB of storage capacity and 1-2 x recording speed. The DVDs are mini in size that is their diameter is 8 cm and are very comfortable to carry. They come in a white cake box which can be reused. They are priced at $ 19.99 but after discount are available to buy at $13.98 which is a lot of discounts and a very reasonable price for a brand like TDK.

Sony 50DMR47PP Inkjet Printable DVD-R Bulk Spindle

This bundle pack of DVD-R from Sony is a 50 DVD pack with each DVD having the storage capacity of 4.7 GB. The DVD-R discs are large enough to hold the oversized movie files in high definition. The bundle pack is available for $ 22.84 after discount whereas its initial price is $27.11. The case is very classy and is reusable.

Sony DVD-R

This small 15 DVD-R pack from Sony is a very sleek and cost effective. Each DVD has a storage capacity of 4.7GB and the writing speed is 16X. The pack has a two years guarantee and can be exchanged at any time if faults are found in the DVDs.The price of this pack is $ 8.74 and you might get this at a lower price if discounted.

HP DM00070B 4.7 GB 16x DVD-R

This beautiful pack of 50 DVD-R from HP is one of the best DVD deals ever. Each DVD in this pack is 4.7 GB and the writing speed is 16X.The pack comes with a lifetime warranty and the DVDs are compatible with most of the DVD players and computer DVD drives. This 50 DVD-R pack is available for only $12.45 and is the best price anyone can ever ask for.

Smartbuy 16X DVD-R 4.7GB 120 Min Logo(Non-Printable) Data Blank Media Recordable Disc

This Smartbuy DVD bundle has 100 DVDs and each DVD is with 4.7 GB data capacity. The DVDs are compatible with all the DVD players and can store any high-quality data easily. The DVD pack is priced at $16.16 which is very reasonable considering the quantity.

Philips Blank Media Discs IN Cake Box

This bundle from Philips is a 50 DVD pack. The DVDs are all of 4.7 storage capacity and the writing speed is 16X. This pack is available only for $18 which is very reasonable. The DVDs come in a cake box that can be reused easily.

Verbatim DataLifePlus 4.7GB 8X DVD+R White Inkjet Printable, Hub Printable Cake Box Disc

This is another DVD pack from Verbatim and this is an inkjet printer printable DVD set consisting of 50 DVDs. each DVD is of the storage capacity 4.7 GB and come in a reusable cake box. The writing speed is 8X.The initial cost of this DVD pack is $15.78 but the discounted price is $ 14.63.

Maxell 16X DVD+R Discs Spindle 4.7GB

This DVD pack from Maxell is a bundle of 100 DVD-R. The DVDs come in a beautiful purple packaging and the box is reusable. Each DVD has a storage capacity of 4.7 GB and the writing speed is 16X. This pack is priced at $ 30.07 but you can buy it for $ 27.98 at a discount.

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