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Best Online Cloud Storage Providers – Can It Be An Alternative To CD Or DVD?

These days more and more people are inclined towards small size device and portable devices, unlike computers. Majority people are addicted to smartphones, but not all devices offer adequate space for internal optical drives. Presently, blu-ray sales have elevated, but optical discs for data storage are slowly diminishing. Moreover, streaming services have already taken over the market, and very less consumers prefer to buy physical copy of their favorite movie or music album.

Cloud Storage Vs. Optical Discs

Optical discs (CD or DVD) have a storage capacity of up to 50GB and are so far the cheapest option to store. Blu-ray discs can last over 50 years under any temperature. The issue lies in maintaining an optical drive for using optical disc, and an optical drive won’t last long. Also, there is no surety whether these drives will be available in a decade from now and then you will eventually rely on another storage medium.

The best part is that you can switch data easily and it is accessible to you, whenever you need it in the future. Hence, always choose the best way to store your data depending on your requirements. Store and transport your data safely and use it in a device that can be easily accessible to you, whenever you will need it. Below are 5 top cloud storage providers for all almost every device.

0. Honorable Mention of 2019 – GirlCum

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Girlcum – Where Girls Cum Multiple Times

We can’t consider Girlcum to be a cloud storage provider. It’s porn series featuring 4K videos, so it’s obvious a lot of bandwidth and disk space would be needed. The series focuses on woman’s orgasm and it gives you a closeup view on multiple female jizz orgasms in the single porn video session. It’s still graphic and still contains a lot of hardcore but extra focus on female’s satisfaction is pretty much crazy!

1. Dropbox

Dropbox logoDropbox is considered the most efficient of cloud storage as it is the most preferred option. It offers 2GB of free storage and can be expanded up to 16GB free storage if you link your Dropbox to social media accounts for referring it to your friends. It allows users to collaborate on work as well as providing unlimited space to every user in the team. All you need to do is to take Dropbox Business subscriptions. File recovery and updating are easier in Dropbox.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the first choice Android device owners as it is integrated, and gives plenty of free storage too. Google drive allows storing of high definition photos on your mobile phone, and also to utilize the services offered Google’s own office suite.

3. Mega

It has multi-tier storage along with seamless drag-and-drop interface which is easy to handle. Mega is New Zealand based cloud storage firm. This innovative mobile app allows uploading files and photos. Apart from these features, you can even sync clients through desktops.

4. OneDrive

One drive aka sky drive is an amalgamated with Windows 10’s file explorer. There is no need to download an app for it, and hence it is very convenient for users who have switched to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

5. iCloud

If you wish to have a backup for your iPhone, then I cloud is just perfect. You get a free 5GB allowance that Apple gives you, and prices are very reasonable. The Mac Finder app meshes up with iCloud Drive to facilitate file storage. You can save the iWork office to iCloud and can sync it with your devices.

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