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Amazon: Trading Blank CD/DVD in Bulk

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world at this time. They sell anything and everything. Amazon is also one of the biggest wholesale retailers in the world.

Amazon ties up with the retailers who want to sell their products in bulk online and displays them on its site.

Once the customer has selected the product they want to buy, Amazon directly connects the person and the retailer acting like the platform for the business to take place. There are many things that are sold in bulk like clothes, makeup, accessories, home decor, books, CD/DVDs, electronic appliances and much more.

“Amazon is also one of the biggest wholesale retailers in the world.”

The CD/DVD on Amazon are available in bundles of 50 and 100 per pack. Amazon gives 4-6 of these bundles and prices them way lower than they would cost if bought individually. The CD/DVD are only available in packs when bought in bulk. This is a very cost effective way to buy CDs and DVDs if you need bulk work to be done because this will save you tons of money. The best thing about buying on amazon is, trust. You can trust that the product they provide will be 100% authentic and if you do not like the product, you just have to make a small phone call and the amazon will replace it for you.

If you are a retailer that wants to sell your CD/DVD in bulk on Amazon, it is a very easy process. You just need to apply and give proofs of being genuine and your online shop is ready. Now, you can sell your product at your desired rates and gain profits. The best thing is that you will be opened to a much larger customer base. This is a great opportunity for you to gain the best profit.

You just need to ensure the quality of the product you’re selling is good and the price you are offering is reasonable. There are many dealers offering the same stuff and you need to stand out amongst them.

“There are many dealers offering the same stuff and you need to stand out amongst them.”

With the invention of the internet and online shopping sites like Amazon, buying bulk DVD/CDs has become just a click away for everyone. Some of the best deals in bulk CD/DVD are:

  • Smartbuy 700mb/80min 52X CD-R This is a bulk pack of 6000 discs available for $845.99 on Amazon. The pack contains 60 bundles of 100 CD-Rs which are all of 700MB storage capacity. If you buy a single pack it will cost you $17.99 which if multiplied by sixty is $ 1079.4. Hence you save about $233 in each pack.
  • Smartbuy 4.7GB/120min 16x DVD White Thermal Hub Printable Media Disc – This a bulk pack again from Smart buy consisting of a pack of 6000 DVD-R. The cost of this pack is $949.95. If bought as a single piece the cost is $ 19.99 for 100 DVD-R saving you about $250 for every 6000 DVDs you buy.

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